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Only in Serbia–Beware When Parking Your Car

by Laura on June 3rd, 2013

Just curious …

Under what circumstances would it occur to you to physically relocate a vehicle that is impeding the progress of your own car?

I know, right? Not something I’ve sat around thinking about over coffee, either.

Only in Serbia.

The other day I came upon the following situation with regards to my black GMC:

What would you do?

Me, I honk. (how rude)

No response. Cue more Americanness: I honk again.

From the 2nd floor balcony across the street, some grandpa yells: That’s not my car, why are you honking? [approximate translation]

What I want to say: There’s a car parked in front of mine. What would you prefer for me to do?

*** What I actually say: Imam neki kola ispod moja kola. Šta zeliš ja radim?

Translated-for-your-enternainment: I have a car under my car. What would you like me to do?

Grandpa-yelling-from-the-balcony: I don’t know. But this honking is too loud. [again, not a direct translation]

What I want to respond: That’s the point. I would like to move my car and go home, but this car is blocking me. <<< Gesturing to self, and broad gestures to the offending car. >>>

*** What I say in Serbian: Da, jeste, naravno. Ja ću idem kući, ali ne mogu.

Translation: Yes, that is true, of course. I will go home, but I can not.

[Repeat silly exchange with grandpa four more times.]

Eventually, a couple comes to my rescue quietly explains that I simply need to move the car.

What I try to ask: Move the car? Surely I don’t understand.

*** What I say: Meni? Ne razumem. Ti ćeš ja da gura ovo kolima? <<< pointing to myself and then demonstrating a pushing gesture, incredulous facial expresssion >>>

What this means (channeling my Serbian-Yoda): Me? I don’t understand. You’re going to push me this car?

<<< Couple, nodding, gestures to push the hatchback. >>> Note: couple explicitly does not approach to help me relocate said vehicle.

And so I stand there in my skirt (and heels!), dumb-founded, thinking … Well. That just happened. Yep. Only in Serbia.

What do I have to lose? Maybe it is okay to manipulate someone else’s property … for my own purposes.

So …….

I push the damn car out of the way. I feel like Superman Superwoman. I’m pushing a car! I’m pushing a car! I’m pushing a CAAAARRR!

I. had. never. heard. about. this. before. It’s not something that I’ve ever seen people do in my parking lot, maybe because of the inclines/declines and potential, oh I-don’t-know … crashing issues.

Turns out, people who park in the way will “simply” leave their car in neutral, making it super-easy to roll it in front of another unsuspecting stranger.

Or, I should say suspecting stranger. Because this, apparently, IS a thing here. Who knew?


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  1. Sanja Grbović permalink

    :) It is completly ok to push somebodus car!! How else you could go home!! Ew. serbian women do it many times!! Dont worry, You will learn a lot more stupid things… yust stay here, dont go back to US…. lot of fun situation is guarantierd here :)

  2. Loren permalink

    hahhaha after 4.5 years here I have also not discovered that. thank you for the insight

  3. Marija Taraba permalink

    Look on the bright side! At least you have this funny story to tell for years to come! I would not dare to push anyones car!!

  4. Leah permalink

    Ummm I have not SEEN this before! What I have seen is that spider-looking tow truck that just picks up a car and leaves in about 30 seconds. Awesomeness!

  5. This is my first visit and actually relished reading this dispatched remarks. You've cited very wholesome minutia and figures and for persons such info cooperative. Thanks

  6. I have not SEEN this some time recently! What I have seen is that insect looking tow truck that just grabs an auto and leaves in around 30 seconds. Magnificence!

  7. Totally DUG this post! I have a blog myself, if you are open, I might curate this post to my audience. Obviously give a link back.

  8. That is the one thing I like to have in my mind when I am parking my car in the parking area. It is only because I have been through these types of situation before and it is good to be aware while making such act.

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