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Adoption Therapy

Perspectives from Clients and Clinicians on Processing and Healing Post-Adoption Issues

Available Fall 2014


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Now Available on Amazon …

Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age, an Anthology

This anthology gives voice to the wide experiences of adoptees and those who love them; examining the emotional, psychological and logistical effects of adoption reunion. Primarily adult adoptee voices, we also hear from adoptive parents, first moms and mental health professionals, all weighing in on their experience with reunion. The stories run the gamut, and I think even non-adopted people are likely to find something in here to which they can relate. The memories of adoption reunion in this anthology are joyous and regretful; nostalgic and fresh; angry and accepting. They show pain, but they also tell of resilience and strength in the face of incredible loss.

In short, the essays of this anthology relate the human experience: raw, resilient, and most of all real.

Click here to read about our contributors.

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What is a “Clarity Question” and why is it important?

Each essay ends with a short list of Clarity Questions, designed to get the reader thinking about how the article might relate to his or her personal experience; to blast away the “adoption fog.”

The Clarity Questions are also meant to provide writing inspiration for bloggers and group discussion in person and online.

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The anthology will be more than “merely” a How-To-Reunite Guide for teen and adult adoptees, and for those who love and support them. It will delve into the emotional, psychological, logistical and cultural issues related to adoption and reunion (or non-reunion as the case may very often be.)

Who the anthology is for:

Whether you’re an adoptee who is about to search, are recently reunited, or have been navigating your extended family orchard for years, this is book is for you.

This anthology voices the experiences of adoptees, first mothers, adoptive parents, and those connected to the adoption experience. It will be an invaluable resource that sheds light on the emotional, psychological, yes, sometimes, logistical (holiday scheduling!) aspects of reunions.


Topics to be covered

  • The Baby Scoop Era – What is it? What is closed adoption, anyway?
  • Closed adoption, access to birth records
  • How do open adoptions fit in?
  • If my adopted child searches does this mean she hated her life, that I’m a bad mother?
  • The face-to-face reunion, genetic mirroring
  • After the “Honeymoon Period,” moving into long-term reunion
  • International adoption, reuniting across language and cultural barriers
  • Managing expectations
  • Primary and secondary rejection … and tertiary and so on and so on
  • Names: birth mother, first mother, natural mother, who’s the real mother here?
  • Reunion breakdown, setting boundaries, reaching out again.
  • DNA searches, educational materials for anyone involved
  • Insight for those who don’t want to search, who don’t want reunion.
  • The generational impact of adoption loss, secrets and lies

If you’re wondering …

  • What can adoptees do to prepare themselves for reunion?
  • What can first mothers do to prepare themselves?
  • What can adoptive parents do to prepare themselves?
  • How can extended family and friends be supportive?

… STAY TUNED for this important anthology!

  1. Congratulations, Laura. Although I have no personal experience with adoption, having read your book, I know there are many emotional struggles to work through.

    As your friend, I'm thrilled for you, for each contributor and future readers. What an important and inspiring project. Bravo!

  2. Lavender Luz permalink

    I can hardly wait to get my hands on this and read every entry.

  3. This anthology will do what you do best, Laura…shed a little light into the darkness. Thank you for organizing this impressive and diverse cast of writers. I'm honored to be included.

  4. larahentz permalink

    I have a feeling this one will make the best sellers lists!

    • Laura Dennis permalink

      YES! I sure hope so, thanks, Lara!!!! <3 Laura

  5. Liz Semons permalink

    As an adoptee who has faced so much pain and rejection, as I read through the topics of this book I see it is a much needed book for me. I can relate to so many! I am blessed and inspired to know that so many more than I originally thought actually “get it!” “I really am not alone!”

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  9. Killian Shezowo permalink

    First I read the title so I was confused what kind of blog is this. Then I just read two paragraphs then I comprehend your point. You have described almost valid points.

  10. nice post.

  11. Adoption therapy is the best thing that we are supposed to be doing in our life in routine and it sure is effective. I really want to admire you for giving me this type of awareness.

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