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Nick Slaughter, Atheist Rap, Punk Protest Slogans & Adoption

by Laura on November 21st, 2013

Whew, where’d we leave off?

When last we met here on the cyber plains, the post, Slaughter Nick for President, the Movie ~ A Serbian Cult Hero Overthrowing the Single Story, explained the link between a 1990s Canadian TV actor, the dangers of telling a “single story,” and the sanctions in ex-Yugoslavia.

Random Serbian pop culture reference: Rob Stewart’s furry décolletage <——– called a “Nick Slaughter” Photo credit.


Atheist Rap, Protest Slogans and Serbian Humor

How did Rob Stewart find out he was such an icon, almost two decades after the fact?

Let’s go step-by-step to learn the makings of a cult icon and learn a little history on the way …

1. It all started with a now-legendary graffiti tag in the Belgrade suburb of Žarkovo:

“Sloteru Niče, Žarkovo ti kliče”

“Nick Slaughter, Žarkovo hails you” (it rhymes in Serbian)


2. Then there were months-long protests in the winter of 1996-1997.

Like, people were on the streets all day, every day. Picture the Arab Spring, but peaceful and muther-effing cold. (The protests were against local election fraud perpetrated by Milosević and his political party.)

During these protests, one of the slogans was:

“Slotera Nika, za predsednika”

“Nick Slaughter for President”

It was tongue-in-cheek, an inside joke. Like, even a fictional TV character would be better than the guy we’ve got right now. (Serbian humor can drift into the esoteric. You’ve got to be in-the-know to get it.)

3. THEN there’s the Serbian punk band, Atheist Punk.

And they are totally punk—black Doc Martens, old political t-shirts, the works. They came out with a song called, “Slaughteru Neitzche.” What to hear the song? Click here. The refrain goes like this:

“Slaughteru Nietzsche, Srbja ti klice”

“Nick Slaughter, Serbia Hails You!” (also rhymes in Serbian. Serbs love their rhymed phrases and plays on words.)

Don’t cha just love when it all comes together?

Aaaaannnd let’s throw in adoption

So here I am, sitting in the movie theatre, minding my own business. Enjoying a documentary film about a Canadian actor’s crazy adventures in Serbia. I’m laughing at how fans want him to show his hairy chest, and how people good-naturedly rib him.

Then here it comes, out of the blue.


In a kooky twist of fate, it turns out that Rob Stewart’s brother was ADOPTED. From SERBIA.

But it’s cool, you know, I mean, the focus of the story isn’t the brother, who’s a private citizen and all. However, what struck me was when Rob has his brother visit Serbia with him … well first off, the man LOOKS Serbian. I mean, even his haircut–he may have grown up in Canada, but his shaggy chic haircut is just like many men wear here.

And then I got sad, because one thing that international adoptees struggle with–that non-adoptees would just like them to forget about–is the language barrier. Here’s the brother, returning to his homeland, the place of his birth, and he can’t speak Serbian. And believe me, I know how hard it is to feel like I belong what with my terrible language skills.

I get it. I totally get it. I have a Serbian husband, and I know how hard it is going to be to make my kids retain their language skills when we return Stateside. But still, it’s just another reminder of the things that are lost in adoption.

And just when I thought I was going to enjoy an adoption-theme-free evening.


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  1. Isn't it odd how things happen like that? I can think I have certain memories under control, then something happens and bam, there they are right back in the forefront of my thoughts. Adoption is so widespread across so many cultures, I would think it would be hard to ever get a day that was totally free of the reminders. Good post Laura.

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