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[Because "Critically thinking about the institution of adoption and examining relevant perceptions regarding adoption practices today" wouldn't really fit on the header.]


For or Against?! Adoption is waaayy more complicated than that.
“For Or Against Signpost” by Stuart Miles from

Here are some of my most popular [or notorious, depending on how much you appreciate snarkiness] posts on adoption:

Social Justice–working for change in adoption as an institution

MENTAL ILLNESS: Why does it seem adoptees have more mental health issues than the rest of the population? The Troubling Intersection of Mental Illness and Adoption

FUNDRAISING: Why adoption fundraising is icky: Please don’t fundraise for you kid

TERMINOLOGY: “Touched by Adoption,” more like punched-in-the-gut

ADOPTION AGENCIES: (need I say more) One of THE Biggest Problems in Adoption 

ETHICAL ADOPTION: The Intersection of Ethical Adoption and PTSD 


*  *  *  *  *


Adoption Reform–Changing the “Adoption is Only Positive” Perception

Gotcha Day (and why we should remove the phrase from our vocabulary): What’s Wrong with Gotcha Day?

Adoption Kool Aid: What is “adoption kool aid,” and why shouldn’t we drink it?

The Ghost Kingdom: What If? and Ghost Kingdom Mentality–Adoption Glossary Spotlight

*  *  *  *  *


Processing the “adoptee experience”


*  *  *  *  *

On International Adoption

Perception of Adoption in Serbia: Cherishing Children

News Update on International Adoption from Serbia: Good News for Adoptees

Orphanages, and why not all kids in orphanages aren’t necessarily orphans: Why Orphanages? Notes on Tough Times and a Bad Economy

Expat Denial and Living my Kids’ Heritage, an Adoptee Perspective

Adoption from Russia: Pro or Against Adoption? An adoptee perspective


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